How I Combatted My Facial Eczema || Skin Care Routine

Anyone that suffers with occupational skin conditions, know how much they can interfere with everyday life; Not only are they painful and uncomfortable, they often get you down and crush your confidence.

In my case, I have atopic eczema, which is extremely common nowadays.  Eczema is a chronic condition that can be treated, but unfortunately not cured; this means that Eczema flare ups are common, and are likely to reoccur.  I was continually getting patches of Eczema on my face, especially around my lips, nose and neck as well as smaller patches around my wrists and elbows  and no matter what I did, they never budged.  I spent my life in a cycle of treatments, slight improvements and then back to square one, until one day I decided I’d had enough.

In my quest to ditch eczema, I decided to buy the book ‘Eczema-Free for Life’ by Adnan Nasir.  This book was a great eye opener for me as it allowed me to realise that although I was diagnosed with this condition as a baby, I still had no idea of why it happened and the science behind it.  Although this book literally covers nearly every topic related to eczema, I am going to talk through the key things I learnt:

1. Diet has not been proven to be a trigger of Eczema flare-ups

2. Studies have shown that the rash does not occur, if it is not scratched.  Scratching causes the rash, and when you continue to scratch the rash the skin cannot heal and itches more

3. Prevention is better than cure- the importance of a consistent skin care routine, patch tests and careful attention to skin changes

Considering these main factors, I made some changes.   I  started eating oil rich food products- more fish, avocado’s, olives etc… in attempt to hydrate my skin.

The second step I took was to stop itching!  This is the most important tip I can give.  I KNOW how difficult it is, honestly, but it changes your skin health dramatically and rapidly! Itching is bad for your skin, because when you scratch, you are damaging your skin barrier reducing the skins ability to heal and make it prone to infection. Do not be tempted to use a flannel, scrub, or exfoliate when your eczema is present, this will not help, and although it may reduce the dryness temporarily- it will make your skin red, aggravated and will take much longer to heal.

Thirdly, I completely changed my skin care routine and stripped back to the bare essentials.  I bathe for no longer than 20 minutes and use anti-bacterial emollients rather than perfumed shower gels (I am gutted that I don’t get bubble baths anymore though!).  I ensure that I pat my face and body dry and moisturise within 3 minutes (as this is when moisture from your bath is still in your skin) after 3 minutes water evaporates back into the air and you start resembling the sahara desert.

Unfortunately, it is a struggle to find moisturisers that work for you, it takes a lot of time and dedication, but my favourite moisturiser of all time is the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion.  It is Oatmeal based and is the only moisturiser I have used that soothes my skin rather than increase the itching! I use it on my face and body, and it works amazingly.

What to do if you have a current flare up:

  • Keep clean
  • Use prescribed cream on a flare up for the advised time- you need something strong to stop the broken skin becoming infected
  • Moisturise whenever you can! All day, Every Day!

This is my every morning and evening routine to prevent eczema flare ups:

  1. Wash hands
  2. Smooth Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Dry Skin all over my face
  3. Use Cotton Wool gently to remove
  4. I continue steps 2 and 3 until there is no trace of make up left.
  5. I then splash my face with water and pat dry
  6. I then apply a small dollop of Aveeno moisturiser all over my face and massage into skin
  7. I then finish off by using hydrocortisone cream on any current eczema flare ups (skip this if they are minor)
  8. If any blemishes, use tea tree oil on specific area
  9. Finish off with a slick of Nivea Lip Butter on my lips (it lasts all night and is amazing at night time)

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or advice concerning Eczema, comment below. I would love to hear from you!



Winter Lips Rescue || For Sensitive, Chapped Lips

Winter plays havoc with our skin.  The cold air and lack of humidity in the air leads to our skin losing moisture, creating dryness and a ‘chapped’ appearance.  Lips are even worse, the combination of saliva and cold air causes further evaporation and reduction of moisture.  As our lips do not produce sebum like our skin does, there is nothing to keep the area hydrated (enter lip balms- the hero of this tale).

There are millions of lip balms on the market, but how do you know which products are going to deliver the smooth soft lips that you long for?  I suffer with sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin, which have led to me being very picky with the products that I use as I know the wrong products will send me into a backward spiral.  Whether you suffer from this or not, you can’t underestimate a good lip balm and if it works for me, the chances are that it will become your best friend too.  Below are my 3 favourite lip balms:

3. La Roche-Posay – Nutritic Lips, £6

Ok, at £6 it is a little bit pricy and it doesn’t last awfully long, but the formula is truly great.  It is non-perfumed, moisturising and absorbs well into the lips. This is a product that changed my lips dramatically, it was also the first lip product that gave me hope that I wouldn’t have dry lips forever.  (Available at Boots)


2. Dr Organic, Moroccan Argan Oil Lip Balm, £3.49

This is the only Dr Organic product I have tried so far and after using this, I want the lot.  This product comes in a hygienic tube form, similarly to the La Roche-Posay product which is great for sensitivity to avoid exposing your lips to any potential allergens.  The product has a nice natural scent, wears great under lipstick and is great value for money! (available at Holland & Barrett)

dr organic

1. Nivea Lip Butter, £2-£3

I cannot rate this product enough, this is my new holy grail lip product for sure.  At such a good price, this really does make your lips baby smooth, soothed and look great! Again, I opt for the un-perfumed original tin, but this has multiple flavours if plain ain’t your game.  The formula has a very oily base which I love, it makes your lips look glossy and lasts for hours.


Thanks for reading guys, and I hope these products help you achieve soft, kissable lips.  If you would like to hear anymore about my routine to keep my lips smooth, let me know and I will follow up!


Dare to be Different || Atomic Lipstick Collection Review

We’re all victims of playing it safe- especially me when it comes to lipstick choices.  I forever lust over daring colours and wish I had the courage to wear them, and then forever reaching for a pink or a nude.  Then it suddenly occurred to me if I want to wear green lips, I’ll bloody wear green lips.

That’s why I was over the moon when I saw that budget makeup brand Make Up Revolution had released a collection of grunge-y lip colours for only £1 each or all 5 for £4 on their website!  I snapped them up quick and couldn’t wait to try them out and review them for you, so here goes…

The collection consists of 5 colours:

  • Ruby – A very vivid bright red, with a subtle sheen
  • Magnificent – A metallic pink shade with a silver/lilac sheen
  • Make It Right – Bright purple, subtle sheen
  • Make Me Tonight – A dark purple/brown shade
  • Serpent – A metallic dark green

photo (14)

(Left to Right: Magnificent, Ruby, Make Me Tonight, Serpent, Make It Right)

I would definitely recommend that you get your hands on this collection.  At £1 each, what have you got to lose?!  They are a great consistency with a broad spectrum of colours for every occasion!  The only colour I can criticise is Make Me Tonight.  The colour is quite chalky and doesn’t have much staying power- It is also hard to apply evenly and can look quite patchy.

I wear my Atomic collection, with a simple cat eye and light bronzer, these apply much better with foundation or a lip primer as a base to really get the most out of the product and make the colour pop!

My absolute favourites from this collection are Ruby and Serpent.  I have been dying to get my hands on a green lipstick after seeing ‘Blow’ from Melt Cosmetics and ‘Serpentina’ from Lime Crime, and although I can’t say that this delivers as well as those do, it certainly does fit the bill for now.

Would you dare to wear green lipstick? What’s your favourite daring colour?

Moonstone Gloom


Kylie Jenner Lips || MAC Velvet Teddy Review

As a lover of nude lipsticks anyway, when I found out that supposedly Kylie Jenner uses Velvet Teddy by MAC to create her perfect pout, I had to get my hands on it.  Countless trips to MAC later, finally it was back in stock and I snapped it up right away so I could write a review for you and tell you why this should be a staple in your makeup bag.

photo (12)

(Lip swatch, Velvet Teddy alone, no lipliner)

I was a bit apprehensive as the colour looked quite pink when I swatched on my hand, compared to my other nude lipsticks I often buy (which tend to be much more of a beige almost brown colour).  Living with pale skin I live in fear of wearing a lipstick that is too light or similar to my skin colour for fear of looking featureless and frankly a bit dead.

But I have good news! This lipstick is perfect in creating a lovely natural full looking lip, and with warm undertones, it is very flattering and frames lips amazingly! Not only is it great on pale skin, I have seen thousands of people wearing this of all different complexions on the internet, and it is a colour that I genuinely believe could suit everyone!

Another great thing about this lipstick is that you can play around with lipliners to change the colour of the finished look.  I have used this colour alongside Rimmel lipliners in ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Spice’, which creates new colours each time, and allows you to make your lips look even bigger and fuller.

I love that this lipstick is in a matte finish, it looks and wears amazingly, but be careful if you have chapped lips! Apply lip balm with a cotton bud before application for an even application that wears evenly!

I will never be without this lipstick for ever more, what lipsticks do you buy religiously? What do you think of Velvet Teddy?


Hair Growth!

Haircut from hell? Me too. We’ve all had it at least once in our lives right?
I used to have hair that almost touched my bottom but one day i was feeling brave and decided to go and get the ‘big chop’. The hairdresser and I agreed on ‘boob length’ hair yet i walked out looking like this…


I’ve now made it my life’s mission to find ways to increase hair growth as quickly as possible. ( & to never visit the hairdressers again – at least not for a very long time!)

1. Mane ‘n Tail – £7.27, Amazon
So, whilst on this desperate hunt to find ways to make my hair grow i came across ‘Mane ‘n Tail’ and the hype surrounding it. I purchased it immediately, i mean, for £7.27 off of Amazon you can’t go wrong. You might initially be put off by the fact it’s for horses however, human and horse hair have the same basic structure which is why this works so well. I feel like this product keeps my hair healthy and prevents split ends or other damage. After using it for about a month and a half now and can really see a difference. They say that your hair is supposed to grow up to 1/2 an inch a month but i definitely think mine has exceeded this – it’s grown around an inch already!

2. Kérastase Elixir Ultime – £28.40, HQ Hair
This is my favorite hair product of all time. It’s a protective oil that you put on towel dried hair. Again, i feel like this helps hair to grow as it protects it from damage, keeping it healthy and allowing it to grow to its full potential. It also smells amazing and makes my hair so soft. Only use a small amount though as i find it can make your hair go greasier quicker if you use a lot.

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no quick fix when it comes to growing your hair but i love these products at the moment and genuinely feel like they are working to help keep my hair healthy (despite heat styling) which in turn encourages growth. That’s the most important thing to remember when trying to grow your hair – keep it healthy!

I hope this post is encouraging for those who have had the dreaded chop and dislike it – don’t worry, it WILL grow!

Soft Smokey Eyes – Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

I’ve always loved the smokey eyes trend, whether it be glammed up for nighttime or toned down for day, in summer or in winter. Unfortunately, I’ve got quite deep set eyes and felt that every time I attempted a smokey eye it would just exaggerate them – making them look like two black holes. On a whim I bought the ‘Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick’ in ‘Bootleg Brown’ as my eyeliner had just ran out and I needed a quick replacement – I never imagined that it would become a staple part of my essential, everyday makeup!

shadow_sticks_productphoto (1)

I’ve spoken to many people that are scared to go for a smokey eye due to the fear of their eyes being made to look small but Bootleg Brown is perfect the perfect colour if you have this problem – it’s dark enough to create a great smokey eye but light enough to bring out eyes making them look bigger – hurrah!

The way I use it to create my smokey eye is not by scribbling all over my lids but by using a basic eye shadow brush to apply it. I find this allows you to create a softer overall look allowing you to effortlessly smudge it into your desired shape. Use it subtly with a paler lipstick for daytime or add more with a darker lipstick for nighttime – either way it’ll hopefully make your eyes pop!


BH Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipsticks Review & Swatches

I recently placed my first order with BH Cosmetics as I had heard so many good things about the brand. I was desperate to get my hands on some of their products and give them a go, so I went ahead and ordered 4 Creme Luxe lipsticks in the colours charmed, coral escape, tea time and toasted.

The first thing I was pleased about was the delivery time- they got to me in around a week which I think is good going seeing as the lipsticks were posted from the US to England. But I am sure all you other britons will agree that it does suck a bit that there is so many great american beauty products that we have to pay over the odds on postage for?! It makes me a bit sad.  Nevertheless, BH cosmetics are well priced with a wide range or products and colours, so it makes up for the postage dilemma a tad.

I tried out these lipsticks for the first time today, as I was so keen to test all the colours out and I have taken a photo and what I think of the shades!:

photo (11)

  • Toasted– I have really started to get into the brown lip look.  I have always been partial to a beige-brown nude, but had never been able to find a brown lipstick that wasn’t too deep as that would never pair well with my fair skin.  However this colour is lovely, I would describe it as an orangey brown, as the colour reminds me a little bit of rust.   The finish is definitely creamy and I am convinced there is a little bit of glitter in it, which just adds to that reflective sheen.
  • Tea Time– This is a lovely pale pink shade that isn’t too barbie- which is a GOOD thing.  This colour would look great on darker skin tones, as it is a tad too light for me without a lipliner and again with its creamy finish, you could skip on the lipgloss and it would still add volume to your lips whilst leaving them feeling moisturised.  I love colours like this, because they are such low maintenance, they tend to wear off evenly and are easy to apply again and again, so I would recommend this colour to anyone, who just wants a bit of colour without making too much of a statement.
  • Coral Escape- This might be my favourite colour of the bunch.  I was a bit apprehensive when I ordered it as I thought that it would be overpoweringly orange- it’s not, woo! It is just a lovely true coral, with the perfect amount of pink and orange whacked into one.  Again, this colour is well pigmented and easy to evenly apply and I love that (again), it leaves you with that creamy moisturised feeling on your lips, and although that means that will generally not wear as long as a  matte shade, it does leave your lips looking nourished and voluminous *amazing!*.  Admittedly this colour is perhaps more of a spring/summer colour but hey, I love it and I think you would too!
  • Charmed- I have the opposite story with this colour, I was expecting a more pinky-nude colour when I ordered it, but in fact it is a much more deep pink colour.  I would say this pink is quite blue toned, which is great for pale skinned ladies, however I feel on darker skin this colour would show appear quite differently- perhaps with a more purple tone.  I love this lipstick again, as once again BH Cosmetics have made a bright colour that is totally wearable.  One downside to this colour is that it isn’t particularly long-wearing and tends to cling on to dry patches.

I am super happy with my BH Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipsticks, and have already placed my second order with the brand that I will be reviewing some other time for you, so I will stop myself before I ruin the surprise 😉

Have you tried BH Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipsticks? What’s your favourite shade?